$1 Million PAID!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today is a great day for Symphonic Distribution. After the various years of being in business we have officially paid over $1 Million Dollars to Record Labels and Artists!

On a personal note, this number is very humbling. When we started Symphonic Distribution, we wanted to build a business that would help record labels and artists get their music to partners effectively, provide unique service offerings, and more importantly get record labels and artists the revenue that they deserve for their talent. This achievement means a lot to us because we are able to recognize each and every client of Symphonic Distribution (past, present, and future) for their amazing hard work and dedication.

A monster thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and help spread the word about Symphonic Distribution and a GIANT applause goes out to each and every client of ours that has worked hard over the years to release music that moves people and mountains across the globe.

This is only the beginning of a lot more great things to come in the future and we are thankful to have the loyal support of our clients, friends, and family. The music industry brings a lot of challenges day in and day out and without your support, It’s safe to say that this achievement would have never happened. THANK YOU!

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