Best Album Covers of 2015

At Symphonic, not only are we fortunate enough to be able to help distribute great music from independent artists and record labels around the globe, but we get to work with many creative types.

This year we’d like to recognize some of the best release covers we’ve seen that reflect the creativity behind the music and brands. Don’t forget to give them a like or follow, we guarantee you’ll discover some great new tunes as well!

Label: Damn Son!
RoboCLIP / Gaszia – “The Divercist Remixes”
Download here
Cutting Cages‘ – “Cutting Cages”
Download here
Label: Dream Crusher Media
CrazyX  – “The Mystic EP”
Download here
Label: Gravitas Recordings
Fine Cut Bodies -“Paper Tails”
Download here
Label: Awalerk Music Group
Henilios – “Visual Logical”
Label: Kindcrime Recordings
Necroboy -“Memoirs”
Download here
Label name: Melting Pot Records
Hardlogik – “Bumba Club EP”
Download here
Label name: Monkey Dub Recordings
Dziga– “In Out”
Download here
Label: Moving Forward Records
Sycho Gast – “Gaia”
Download here
Label: Onset Audio
Download here
Label: Our Culture Records
MOZ5A – “Past Days 1996”
Download here[1]
Label: Driftwood Records
The Exploration – “For Cabana”
Download here
Label name: Symphonic Distribution
Spindrift -“Out the Door”
Download here
Label: ICU Audio
NDread’s – “Forsaken”
Download here
Label name: Asobi Records
MadTeam -“Bass Pumping”
Download here
Label name: SubCarbon Records
Ganja White Night -“Blackberries”
Download here
Astronaut Troy -“Helen”
Download here