An Update on #BecomeMajor

As many of you know, earlier this year we announced our very first movement campaign titled BecomeMajor. Our goal was not only to take a stance on what we as a company truly believe in, but also showcase all the artists and labels that work hard every single day to make their music be heard. The music industry is filled with hard-working, passionate individuals that work arduously to accomplish and fulfill their dreams, and helping them is what our mission is all about. We want to empower independent artists and labels to get to the next level by giving them the tools they need to get them there.

So, how did it go? We’ve had some great success and have been able to connect with hundreds of artists who now tell us how they have made it and what it takes to get to the next level.


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10996812_10152842855493250_3103011349257454347_oCheck out our Facebook album with all the promotions and quotes we’ve been collecting from artists telling us what they are doing to get to the next level!

We have also been able to interview tons of new and up and coming artist’s in our  #BecomeMajor Interview Series. Welcome to read and learn more on these here! 

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