Apple Music Has Expanded to Israel and Korea

We are excited to announce that Apple Music has made it’s way to Israel and Korea. Spotify is not yet available in either country.

As a Symphonic Distribution client, if you currently submit music with worldwide clearances, it will be automatically cleared for Apple Music in Israel and Korea.image1 (2)

Apple Insider, which spotted both of the latest roll-outs, explains:

For customers in Korea, individual memberships come in at $7.99 per month or $11.99 for families of up to six people.

Apple-Music-South-Korea (1)
While in Israel, it’s cheaper:

In Israel, Apple Music is priced at 19.90 Israel Shekels (about $5.20) per month for an individual plan or 29.90 ISL [$7.80] for a family plan of up to six users. The cost is well below US price tiers, likely due to content licensing negotiations, but roughly equivalent to other international markets.

If you want to get your music delivered to iTunes, sign up here.
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