Top 5 April Blog Posts

As corny as it may sound…knowledge is power! That’s why we love to provide our clients not only with the tools they need in order to get the most from their music, but also the latest tips on how the industry works. From marketing to profile updates and more, here are April’s most popular blog posts! Enjoy and get your learn on!

1. 5 Common Mistakes Artists Make with Their Merch Business: While many artists know that selling merch is a good way to keep the hypothetical lights on in their business of being an artist, we’re still seeing some common mistakes being made out there across all levels. Let’s zone in on five of these and see if we might make more sense of this merch madness.


2. 5 Smart Ways to Sell with Mobile Marketing: Sometimes this planet can seem like a very vast place, but a new study shows that we might not be as far apart as you might think: 50 percent of the global population is now in possession of a mobile phone, putting you – and your business – a lot closer to a new sale than possibly ever before. We’ve put together 5 ways you can harness the power of mobile marketing to boost your sales.


3. How to Build a Digital Street Team: Street team marketing is a form of guerilla marketing that is used to raise awareness of your music among your target fans. You can adapt this old-school tactic of street team marketing to form your own digital street team. A digital street team can help you spark conversations about your music and generate a buzz.


4. The Top Marketing Mistakes Musicians Make: Technology has made it easier than ever for indie artists to market their music. However, it takes more than posting your music links online to market your music and build a successful career. Here are the top marketing mistakes that indie artists make and how to avoid them.


5.Top Electronic Music Blogs by Ranking: What’s the popularity of your favorite electronic music blogs in the USA and across the world globally? Symphonic Distribution has put together this website chart rankings for electronic music blogs featuring popularity in the USA and globally.


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