Artist of the Week: Box of Wolves

This weeks Artist of the Week is the incredible Canadian, Indie/Chillwave producer, Box of Wolves. Box of Wolves has developed a very unique and distinctive seductive sound that blends synths and a very nostalgic vibe. His newest release “Lets Start Again” has been recently charting in the Beatport Indie/Nu Disco Charts for the past weeks, and we suspect that it will be there for some quite sometime, since some pretty high profile mix tapes are in the works and its getting some serious club play. We see nothing but great things to come for this talented producer. Check him out, you will not be disappointed!

Box Of Wolves – Let’s Start Again (Official Video)

About Box of Wolves

Box of Wolves is a hybrid 90’s Summer Nostalgia/Chill-/Synthwave music project nursed by Gabriel Akinrinmade out of the whims of his sundry synth modulator experiments. Highly reminiscent of the sounds of Teen Daze, Com Truise, and Washed Out, Box of Wolves, even to bottom-tier music aficionado, runs like a non-obnoxious transcendental LSD alt-party set list. It’s equal parts chill, equal parts solid, thanks in part to basic but grippingly steady beats. Gems from the ‘Illusions’ LP include “The Wake Up”, the crash of industrial waves spliced through rousing syncopated delay. “Glitter Vision”, the aural transcription of the perpetual glint in your eyes, complete with sensory warping evinced by the fading in, fading out, and “To Want You”, a composite of slippery smooth “Fuck, You, You, Yous”.

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