Artist of the Week: Chloe Jean

This weeks Artist of the Week, is the Chloe Jean. Most recently her latest release, “What Could Be Better” was selected as the best Country/Bluegrass song out of thousands of entries from around the world. This song could have been selected in a number of categories as it has strong crossover appeal from Pop, Adult Contemporary to R&B. This annual songwriters contest is viewed as one of the top songwriting events of the year. Winners are selected by an Executive Committee comprised of noted singer/songwriters. Judges and Conference guests have included Hit Songwriters and Producers; Narada Michael Walden, Steve Seskin, Andre Pessis, George Merrill, Bonnie Hayes, and others. Songs are judged based on melody, composition, and lyrics.

We see nothing but great things to come for this up and comer, and are stoked to me able to distribute her material worldwide!

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About Chloe Jean

A singer/songwriter since the age of 5, Chloe Jean finds inspiration in everyday situations and turns them into heartfelt, relatable lyrics. In 2010, she worked for indie label, TMG (Temple Music Group), creating techno-soul records with producer Jay Williams. A pop-R&B artist at heart, however, Chloe branched out and the first song she ever produced on her home computer was used as the theme song for the TV pilot, Izzy Unleashed. Her work caught the eye of producer Scott Urquhart and currently they are creating undeniably catchy, relevant, and commercial hits.

Chloe Jean is also a professional model signed to Ford and JE Models. She has had the opportunity to travel the globe and experience many diverse cultures and music. Her modeling career has helped her expand her musical palette and is now ready to share her music with everyone on her new album titled “Freak”.

Her inspirations include: Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Jack Johnson, India Arie, and countless others.

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