Artist of the Week: Evoke

This weeks Artist of the Week, the US Glitch Hop producer, Evoke. His most recent release “Neuropop EP” out on Simplify Recordings has been recently climbing the Glitch Hop charts and killing it! Its no surprise if you listen in and get captivated by the melodic glitch synthy beats. In addition, Evoke is also featured as the singer of the release as well. This allows for “Neuropop EP” to have a softer and more harmonious sound, but staying true to his grimy beats. We see nothing but a great future for this up and coming talented producer and are really stoked to be able to deliver the material.

About Evoke

I believe that anything is possible in the world of electronic music, and as such my goal is not to “push boundaries” but rather to completely ignore them. I find myself gravitating towards the neuro sound, but I also love to sing so you’ll hear me doing that a lot. At the end of the day it’s all about creating an emotion in the listener, so whatever I can do to achieve that goal is fair game.

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