Artist of the Week: Seasick Mama

Singer, songwriter, performer, model, and exhibitionist with a dash of reservatoin, Seasick Mama is as raw as they come. This charismatically bright, spiritually sensual, and wonderfully wild woman lives her life unapologetically and unreservedly. In music she expresses this self and it’s only just the beginning. Though it’s just the beginning, the music and the persona are taking on a life of their own. This is why Seasick Mama is our Artist Of The Week.

Her debut EP “Dead Like Money” [No Shame] released earlier this year showcased the fierceness of her expression in 6 pop-rock songs. The sound is purely raw rock, almost a la Black Keys – but with this woman at the helm of things it’s an entirely different message and embodies an energy that is sensual, earthy, and gritty.

We can’t wait to see where Seasick Mama’s intensive, shameless expression takes her music – and how the Seasick Mama persona evolves. Her upcoming EP “Tip Top Shape” will showcase even more attitude and a new sound, as its single “Man Overboard” proves.


Get your advanced tickets here to her upcoming release party on Sept 3rd, at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY where, some lucky peeps will be able to get an advance digital copy of her upcoming release!

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