Artist Spotlight: Alex Justino

We’re back with another Artist Spotlight!

This time we’re showing love to Alex Justino, a Brazilian House/Techno DJ!

For many artists, becoming one is not just one option but the absence of others. It is as if there is something so strong and so great within you that putting out in the form of music becomes a condition to keep yourself alive. Alex Justin is one such example. The DJ and Goian producer is confirmed as one of the most promising names on the national scene through his latest works, which flow with an enviable naturalness and arrive the tracks with the maturity that the most experienced artists seek to find.

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His presentations are marked by a characteristic that turns him into a kind of chameleon on the decks: Versatility. But do not confuse this adjective with lack of identity. Alex is an artist with rich musical influences – especially within house music – who knows the importance of deepening and seeking the best within each strand that forms the immense puzzle of the genre. The techno scene is also constantly under Justin’s radar, especially when it comes to the production of their tracks.


There are no barriers to Alex’s music, which more than ever prove to be strong to break new ground, both inside and outside the country.

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