Artist Spotlight: Oreo Jones

Who is Oreo Jones? During the spring of 2010, Oreo Jones took the hip-hop and indie music scenes of Indianapolis by storm with the release of his Delicious EP. The Delicious EP was led by the success of his single “Good Times” which has been featured on several national music blogs and charted up to #4 on the Twitter chart. In short, Oreo Jones is an artist that should be paid attention!

Cash For Gold is a new saga full of vibrant sounds that tell stories of wealth found in the darkest places. It’s hoodrich, and Jones is Carravaggio. It’s dripping in precious metal, sprinkled with gold dust. It’s classically trained. It’s caviar dreams and wine drunk. It’s riches that can’t be measured. It’s all real life – almost.

“My life through music has evolved, and I feel like the wealthiest man when I have been given the opportunity to see the country and experience very amazing things through my art,” Jones says.

Maybe you could do lunch with him sometime…

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