Beatport Sounds to Sample Guidelines

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have recently teamed up with Beatport & Sounds To Sample to distribute your samples, loops and presets! This is a great opportunity to get your label or artist name out there showcasing your production skills. Create a package comprised of loops, samples, sound effects or patches to sell to producers or DJs. We’re put together Beatport Sounds to Sample guidelines for you below.

To begin sending your samples to Beatport & Sounds To Sample, sign up to become a Distribution partner and within our SymphonicMS dashboard you will see detailed instructions on how to get started! below instructions carefully. If you are not a Distribution client, we can still work with you as well and below are some brief pointers towards getting your pack up to date.

[headline tag=’h2′] Organized Structure [/headline]

Your release should have a very organized & detailed folder structure. If your pack has drum loops that contain various tempos, then you should have a folder structure somewhat like this:

Drum Loops / 128 BPM / 120 BPM / 140 BPM / 100 BPM. There should be a folder for every BPM inside the main category “Drum Loops” folder. The same applies to ALL areas such as Synth Loops, Top Loops etc.


Metadata within patch presets such as “Author” must have the Sounds to Sample name. This applies to Sylenth, FM8, Massive, Kontakt, EXS 24, NNXT & Zeta +2 to just name a few.

Check your work

Triple check your work! Make sure you have perfectly truncated loops so that they automatically work in DAW’s such as Ableton Live. Make sure all one-shot samples are properly truncated at their start points.

Tag your Sounds

Each sound and loop should have the key signature at the end of the title of said sound.
IE: “KICK DRUM 01 (G#min).wav”

Include in Submission

Please include all high-resolution artwork in the pack. You must include a text document detailing the following: (All of these will be addressed in the questions following the guidelines:

1. A sample count by category (ie: 25 Bass Loops, 50 Drum Loops)
2. If your including drum one-shots, please individually list the count (ie: 50 Kicks, 50 Snares, 75 Hi-Hats)
3. Total samples altogether (ie: this pack contains 852 samples)
4. Brief description of the genre/style (and any important information you may want included as to how this pack was created) If it was mixed thru an analog console or special devices / instruments were used, let us know so we can highlight those things in the final product description.)
5. If you are submitting patch presets or sampler instruments with your pack such as Kontakt, please list the version of the software used and needed to open the presets properly. (ie: Sylenth 1.2, Massive 1.3)

Once these are ready to go, email our Content department to get these going!

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