#BecomeMajor Campaign Launched

Symphonic Distribution is proud to power the movement that is #BecomeMajor. From now on, our company’s message will reflect exactly what we as a company have been doing since day one, and that is giving artists and record labels the tools and resources they need to help get them to the next step.

We want to EMPOWER independents by encouraging creativity and innovation beyond what money and power can buy.

Music has always been surrounded and influences by social and political movements. Today in an era led by technology and social media, music has made the world a smaller place, making connecting fans with music easier than ever. Artist now have the power to connect more deeply with their fans in a way that has never been seen before.

Therein lies the power and success of the independent artist.

We believe that every artist who is willing to put the work and dedication into their craft has the opportunity to succeed. It’s a road filled with hustlers who push the boundaries and never give up. We understand, because we are independent as well.

Together we are the sleeping giant; quietly growing, becoming stronger.

Symphonic Distribution is committed to standing with you as your partner to help you get to the next level. Whatever that may be. We are focused on educating, giving the tools and resources to help independent record labels and artists grow in all stages of their careers.

Empower yourself.
Become Major.

Join the movement that is #BecomeMajor. www.becomemajor.com