Best Blog Posts

As corny as it may sound…knowledge is power! That’s why we love to provide our clients not only with the tools they need in order to get the most from their music, but also the latest tips on how the industry works. From marketing to profile updates and more, here are 2015’s most popular blog post! Enjoy and get your learn on!

  1. Top Electronic Music Blogs By Ranking
  2. The One Thing Every Artists Needs in Order to Be Successful
  3. 7 Ways to Double the Size of Your Fan Base
  4. Let’s Promote Together
  5. Significance of Branding as Recording Artists
  6. How to claim your Apple Music profile
  7. 6 Snapchat Strategies Every Artist Should Know 
  8. 8 Ways Musicians Can Give Better Interviews 
  9. 7 Social Media Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid 
  10. 5 Apps Every Independent Musician Needs to Have

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