Best Music Videos of 2016

An amazing video can take an already-great song to the next level making your music come to life is through video. We are proud to have distributed so many incredible music videos from our talented clients this year through platforms such as iTunes, Vevo, TIDAL and many more.


Here are the best music videos of 2016—we guarantee they’ll make you an instant fan!

Barzo – You (Video Oficial)

Gabriele Esposito – Bad Vibes

Alex Sandunga – Vamos A Celebrar

Emerald – In Love ft. Hassan Haze

Keith Jacobs – Still Tippin/Shame on You

Yeini – Dejemonos Llevar

Mr. Smith, Esq. – Warning Label

DΛDΛ – 00030 POWER

Joshua Triplett – Commitment

SIAHNA – Warrior

Honorable Mention //

First Dates // Melville’s Theme