Meet us at BizGrow 2.0

We’re heading to BizGrow 2.0!

Symphonic Distribution is excited to announce that we will be heading to this year’s BizGROW 2.0 on May 12. BizGROW 2.0 is a half-day conference and networking event aimed at local entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners. Attendees can hear real-life stories from executives of successful and emerging local companies about their entrepreneurship journeys, and gain valuable tips from industry experts.

Our CEO, Jorge Brea, will be discussing how he built the company without venture capital and the old fashioned bootstrapped way in “Bootstrapping Your Way To Success”. He will additionally share success stories of other prominent companies, what they did during the bootstrapped phase, why bootstrapping is a great first step for business owners, and additional tips to help new and/or established business owners.

For more information and tickets, please click here.

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