Behind the STEMS: Dbeatzion Records

We caught up with Cristian Poow, owner and manager of Dbeatzion Records, to chat about the beginning of the label and how STEMS are helping to transform things. Check out our latest interview for Behind the Stems below!

Learn all about the label that has worked with everything from Chill Out to House to Nu Disco!

Tell us about Dbeatzion Records and how you came to exist today.

CP: I have been in the music industry for 15 years already, in 2002 I worked mixing and re-mixing songs for local clubs including a few where I was DJing back then. After putting out some singles I came up with this idea in 2009 of distributing more of my music on my own. My tracks were getting some attention in UK so I contacted Houseplanet and I kicked off Dbeatzion.

7 years later, we’re the biggest label in South America, with many #1 top-selling tracks in different stores. We have worked out most of the genres as well, from Chill Out to Dark Techno, Nu Disco and House which are our biggest preferences. We’re now so happy to be part of Symphonic, always finding ways to move forward and improve the electronic dance scene.


What are Dbeatzion Records core beliefs that may separate you from other record labels?

CP: First off, this label is based in Argentina where DJs love to play music. It’s a huge benefit and I’m so proud that most of them play our label releases – apart from all the support that we’ve achieved over the world. Thing is that we’re not focusing on just one style of music but we’re truly open to any kind of good music that arrives. Over the years, we were opening doors to almost all genres which allows us to see what people prefer to listen to.


Why do you think mixing in Stems are a part of the natural progression of DJing?

CP: Well if we go back in time, the history of DJing marks a “stems mixing”. As a professor,  I always tend to teach the guys this well known story that began in New York and the suburbs when people gathered to dance to the breaks of funky tunes in loop. And moving into the 80s, remixes and special 12” editions appeared to help the DJ mix songs in a better way – then we had the “original mixes” in the 90s till today where STEMS are a mixture of all that happened in the last 40 years. Back to the question, rather than natural it’s an obvious and intelligent shot by Native Instruments, knowing that “being a DJ” is a trend nowadays and this is totally changing the whole paradigm.


What will be a big step forward in helping the Stem movement progress?

CP: As I’ve said above, this changes the paradigm, and so do we. Being professors for the future generations of DJ/Producers, we have to make the students and rookies know that now the DJ thing is becoming more professional and hard than ever, they must learn and seize a whole new picture.


What is Dbeatzion Records doing to help grow the Stem format?

CP: Dbeatzion was the very first record label to release STEMS in Argentina (in 2015) and the results were more than good. STEMS-using interest is growing by itself, all we have to do is to offer as the highest quality music as possible and never let down Traktor DJs, they are key to our success and we are key to theirs.


Why do you think the younger generations are enthusiastic about Stems?

CP: Younger generations better known as millenials, they have all in hand thanks to Internet. They are able to access to “all of that” which we couldn’t back in the day. This turns the enterprises into technology newspapers. Every single day there’s something going on that is worth to know about.

YouTube tutorials for instance are a big sample of what I’m trying to say. Young people, especially kids, see this as a game and there’s nothing better. They are the future and they will bring quality techniques of DJing back BUT with this new technology happening.


What do you say to those who are skeptical about the format or creating Stem content?

CP: There is a trend for vinyl lovers or sync-haters. Technology makes things to be friendly and work better, and we should go with it at least for personal knowledge. Before any criticism I rather recommend them to know this thing a little bit more.

It’s easy to judge, that’s fear of the new. It’s always happened and it always will. What’s important? The music. I love using all kinds of technology (from vinyls to CDJs to STEMS). I can do different things, play around the way I like and that makes a DJ set more juicy.


What is your favorite part of mixing with Stems?

You mainly worry less about EQing if you’re carefully doing a drum-out and drum-in in a mix. Same with basslines. The rest is pure creativity and us being some type of oldschool DJs from the early 2000s can do much more.


What other ways do you think Stems will shape the Music industry outside of DJing?

CP: STEMS is a concept used in the mixing stage at the studio, so now when we create music we’re not only putting together stems for mixing down but we also must think of the future 4 types of stems to be released for a Traktor DJ.


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