Behind the STEMS: Moody Recordings

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] We’re pumped to introduce our new interview series, Behind the STEMS, where we will be interviewing several artists and labels about STEMS! We recently had the chance to catch up with Ben Archuleta, label manager of Moody Recordings.  Lets get moody!

Learn all about this house music label and how STEMS are helping them to grow.

Tell us about Moody, and how you came to exist today?
Moody was started in 1996 by DJ Bad Boy Bill in Chicago as a label for underground producers wanting to get their music released worldwide. As the label began to grow, Bill started to sign more international artists which lead to Moody continuing to grow and become the leading underground electronic label that it is today.

What are Moody’s core beliefs that may separate you from other record labels.
One thing that we consistently believe in, is not trying to be anything bigger than what we are. From day one it has been our goal to do our own thing and to stay out of the mainstream. At its core, Moody represents underground clubs, music, and fans, and we will continue to remain on the same path of releasing quality underground music.

Why do you think mixing in Stems are a part of the natural progression of DJing?
Stem mixing definitely plays an Important role with the growth of Djing and the way that they are able to perform live. Stems open doors to a wider range of creativity which is no longer limited by simple A and B mixing. It provides more opportunity to switch things up and create a different style to the current style of DJing.

What will be a big step forward in helping the Stem movement progress?

Being able to use Stems within traktor is a great first step but the format will truly take off once other hardware and software companies integrate Stems into their platforms. It will also be a big move when more labels get involved and are on top of the progression.

What is Moody doing to help grow the Stem format?
Every third or fifth Moody release will be in Stems just to keep the content fresh. We especially enjoy releasing acapellas, even dating to our back catalog from 96’. We will also soon release a Moody Recordings 20 year compilation which will be in Stem form.

Why do you think the younger generations are enthusiastic about Stems?
If I started my DJ career today I would head in the direction of mixing with Stems. They are enthusiastic because it is a new and exciting way of DJing. Most importantly it allows younger artists to further understand and play with the structure of a song which is a fundamental part of DJing.

What is your favorite part of mixing with Stems?
The best part about mixing with Stems is you will never hear the same set twice. Most of the Moody team integrates Stems into their live set either with a Traktor controller or through some other means. The only folks on the team who do not use stems are some of our more old school DJs who are so good at what they do they have no reason to switch it up.

What other ways do you think Stems will shape the Music industry outside of DJing?
Stems are a great promotional tool. Record labels who do not see this are putting themselves in a box and limiting their growth and audience of DJs and producers.

Connect with Moody Recordings // Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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