Spotlight: Concret with Trafico Music

We’re back again with another spotlight! This time we’re showing love to Concret, with Trafico Music!

About Concret

Concret tracks are composed and produced by the eclectic italo-Mexican musician, dj and artist Diego Angelico Escobar and the italian sound-designer, keyboardist and producer Q-pha.

About Trafico Music

Trafico Music is an electronic music label from Mexico City. Trafico Music likes rooftop parties with soundsystem extension cords that snake off the side of the building into the apartments downstairevery beat and sound count because the police can show up any second. Trafico Music is the experience of our extended family of artists, DJ’s and partygoers: it’s wild kids taking over fancy clubs and fancy people diving into wild places. We are rooted in the diverse founding cultures of Mexico and celebrate our love for an eclectic sound that mingles current trends with our own tropical electronic wave. Trafico Music’s new, original and fresh sounds are our statement on today’s electronic music landscape.

Connect with Concret //

Facebook | SoundCloud

Connect with Trafico //

Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud
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