Top 8 Tips for Digital Music Distribution

The new year has started! We’ve put together 8 tips for digital music distribution to keep you ahead of the game! From Spotify to social media to Beatport, there’s something for everyone to take away from!

Deliver your releases in time & correctly 

Do plan to submit your release 3-4 weeks before the release date . Do make sure the first letter of each word is capitalized for the tracks, titles and artists for example “Let’s get this party started” (This is incorrect. Only the first word is capitalized “Let’s Get This Party Started” (This is correct. The title is capitalized appropriately.)

Make sure your album art is a square 2400×2400 pixels image at high resolution meaning it looks crisp. Make sure to double check everything before submitting to make sure all artists and track names are spelled correctly and make sure your audio is 44.1kHz 16-bit .flac or .wav format.

Check out some more helpful tips on this video.

Give your Spotify profile some love

Spotify has become one of the key players in steaming music. Make sure to set up your Fan Insights account, verify your profile if you qualify and learn best practices for the platform.

We are personally stoked on the Fan Insights too!  Fan Insights is a new and extremely beneficial tool for artists and managers to dig into listener activity within Spotify. After signing up, artists and management can get granular information on how listeners engage with your music. Whether it’s seeing how many times a track was added to a playlist, how many different streams you received on a particular track in a particular territory, or how many tuned in to your music every day for the last 28 days, Spotify makes sure you know what is up with your fans.

Claim all your Profile and update pics

Have you claimed your page yet? Remember that most retailers offer the option of allowing you to have an artist and/or label page. Remember to claim yours! Check out the list of stores that allow you to update your profiles here.

classic beatport

Get featured in our social 

We have tons of opportunities to get featured in our social media and spotlights. Make sure to review all the opportunities available. From Artist Features to Spotify Playlist, check out all the opportunities available here. 

Plan for Conferences

Music conferences are a great way to not only learn on the latest happenings in the industry but also a great way to network as well. We’ve prepared a few blog posts that cover the best music conferences depending on the genre that you release music. Here are our top picks:

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Improve your social media game

We love giving tips on how to expand your reach with your social media game. This year some of the big players will be Snapchat, Instagram and as always YouTube.  We highly recommend you check out the following post that can help you in getting familiarized on how to maximize your exposure in these platforms.

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Enhance your Branding & Marketing

Symphonic as tons of services at your fingertips to increase your marketing efforts and also enhance your look. From Marketing Plans to EPK’s, Lyric Videos to radio promotions, take a look at all the offerings available to you at an affordable cost.


Positive Thinking

As simple as it may sound, start the year fresh and with a positive outlook! Having a positive attitude can help you in many ways like succeeding on projects, meet goals, and just generally enjoy your life more. Remember to keep a positive attitude, work hard, be consistent and good things will follow! We hope these digital music distribution tips helped.