Email Marketing for Indie Artists: Growing Your List

You’re an indie artist who’s just starting out and you want to grow your fan base and keep them in the loop about new music, merchandise, and upcoming shows. Emails are a great way to keep people updated as long as you don’t come off spammy and you’re including useful content. Email marketing also generates the most return on investment (ROI). Some ticket and merchandise sales can be attributed to your email marketing campaign if you implement a solid strategy.

This blog post series will be dedicated to email marketing for indie musicians with a low budget.

Here are some email marketing tips for indie artists trying to grow their email list.

1. Ask your fans face-to-face
Meeting fans face-to-face is not only an awesome experience for your fans but for you also. Asking fans if they would like to keep in touch with you is a great way to open up the conversation to get their email address. Putting a paper sign-up sheet at your merch table is a simple and cost effective way to get email addresses.

2. Friends and family
Your friends and family are great people to include on your email list. While you’re busy making music and doing shows, your family and friends can keep up with you via email. They are also more prone to sharing the email with other people.

3. Call-to-Action button
Adding a newsletter call-to-action (CTA) button to your website is another great way to attract new subscribers.

4. Offer an incentive
Offering an incentive, such as a discount on new merch or a free download, is another great way to attract subscribers. Most fans love exclusive new music so offering a free download of your latest tune is a great exchange for their email address.

5. Sign-up shout out
Calling out your sign-up sheet at the merch table at the end of shows is great way to let fans know there’s another way to keep up with you. You can also tell them to follow you on your social channels. Mentioning the incentive during the shout out will give your fans more of a reason to remember to sign-up.

Now that you have some tips on growing your email list, your signups should start rolling in! In the second part of this series on email marketing tips for indie artists, we will be discussing content tips to increase your open rate and keep your fans engaged.