How to Share Your Music Like a Pro

If you’re a music fan, you’ve seen Smart Links appear everywhere. Smart Links are those little landing pages that allow you to choose which music service you want to listen to an artist’s music in.

It seems pretty simple on the surface, but the value of Smart Links lies in what’s under the hood. Here are three features that add a lot of value for Smart Links.

Never lose a fan again

When you have a new release and it’s time to share it with the world, what link do you usually share? A link to Spotify? To Apple? 10 different links to 10 different services?

Sharing just your Spotify link sounds, but believe it or not, 60% of the market uses a different music service. So that means 40% of the people you reach aren’t getting to the right place to listen to your music.

Smart Link gives you just ONE shareable, trackable link that automatically routes fans to your releases in their favorite music service, guaranteeing that you’re not wasting clicks.
smart link demo image

Understand your audience and how they consume music

Another amazing benefit of Smart Link is that the link is completely trackable so you get data on how fans interact with your music.

Just share your Smart Link everywhere, you’ll be able to see:
How many people clicked your link, previewed your song, and clicked through to a music service?

  • Which services do people listen to your music in?
  • If you share your link through all of your online channels, which platforms did most of your fans come from? Facebook? Instagram?
  • What countries and cities did your fans come from?
  • Over what time period did most people interact with your music?

Re-target fans with your advertising

This feature is for the more advanced music marketer. Let’s say a fan clicked on your link and clicked to Spotify. Now you can target ads on Facebook or Google only to people who you know are fans of your music and use Spotify.

If you’re using links across multiple artists, you’ll be able to target ads only to people who like Hip Hop and are Spotify users, Apple users, etc.

The possibilities here are endless and the value of this data is huge! All of the big labels use retargeting to better target ads to the right audience.

More features available with Smart Link

At, we offer Smart Link, which allows you to create as many Smart Links as you’d like for free forever!

We also have paid versions that have some pretty cool added features including:

  • Pre-release links with Spotify Pre-save built right in including:
  • Album & playlist Smart Links
  • Embeddable Smart Widgets and Smart Ads
  • Custom link branding
  • Custom artist stores and websites
  • Territory settings for people who click from different countries
  • Earning affiliate commission from Apple & Amazon
You can get access to Smart Link when you sign up for Click here to sign up!