Artist Spotlight: Gandulk Caballero

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hugo Caballero, also known as DJ Gandulk or Caballero, is a built-in music-man all the way down to his genetic core, playing guitar and composing rock and alternative tunes since he was 10. Almost a decade ago, allured by high-end electronica, he paired up with Ojos to create their successful Trancemission project, with which they got worldwide recognition.

Nowadays, seduced by a more subtle but nonetheless powerful beat, Hugo has sunk into deep space dispatching his signature PPG (Puro Pinche Groove). He’s been blasting out tracks on collaborations with key figures from the scene as well as with his alternative project 2UP & Caballero, which he shares with Odiseo, and his homonymous ‘Caballero’ solo project.



Full Range is another trippy power hypnotic track by Caballero. Pure progressive techno goodness with big melodic synths for a deep flight. As a special treat, the title track has had the honor of going through the reworkings of techno-house master Matan Caspi straight from Israeli with a killer remix.

Solo or alongside either of his partners in crime, Gandulk provokes a major uproar.

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