Music Biz 101: How to get featured on Beatport

So you have a new release and want it to be featured on Beatport. Well get ready, because there is a lot of competition. But the good news is that it can all happen with consistency and, of course, good music. We work very hard to help our clients get features each and every week. Here are some simple yet effective ways to increase your chances of being featured on the coveted site.

Planning ahead is VITAL to landing a feature. All banners that you see on the site are actually planned weeks in advance. So remember to deliver your release four weeks prior to it being live and communicate all of your marketing efforts to us so that we are able to relay these details to the brand. Brands such as Beatport want to know what you’re doing to promote so that they too can get behind the material.

Want to increase the likelihood that your music will be featured on Beatport? Watch the latest episode of Music Biz 101.

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