How To Build Your Own Professional DJ Team

After you’ve been DJing for a while and decide that you want to make a career of it, you will probably start to think about how to build a DJ team. The advantages of being a professional DJ are easy to see, you’re doing something you love and getting paid for it, interacting with fans and being the focal point of the party.

However, there are less obvious disadvantages to consider. You may have to play at venues you don’t like and play music you don’t like in order to earn enough money to get by.

To get to the level where you can call the shots, pick the venues as well as play the music you want to play, you will at some point realise that you need a team of professionals to help you.

1. The Manager

Once you decide that you’re serious about being a professional DJ, you should think about looking for a manager. If your manager is good at their job they will find better opportunities for you and help promote your talent. Your manager will help to take care of the business side of your profession, leaving you to focus on your DJ skills and producing music.

Always remember that a manager should be making you money. If you aren’t seeing an improvement in money being earned and the types of opportunities that are opening up for you, then you should probably think about a change in management.

2. The Publicist

In order to create and raise your profile within the media, a publicist plays a significant role. Enlisting the services of a publicist will help open up more significant opportunities for you whilst growing your army of fans in the process. Your publicist will get in contact with various media outlets, including newspapers, radio, online publications and TV and arrange interviews and other promotional activities.

This coverage that you get from the various media will help drive sales of your music, increase your overall exposure as an artist and ultimately assist in driving people to que in the street to get in and see your show.

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3. The Agent

If you manage to reach the stage where your profile is big enough to secure bookings worldwide, then it might be time to consider getting an agent. Your agent will take care of arranging gigs and tours manage contracts and make sure that hotels and flights are booked. In the early stages of your career your manager could also serve as your booking agent.

If you are successful with your music and your profile is experiencing notable growth, then an agent may seek you out at some point. However, it is still worth attempting to make contact yourself when you feel that you need one.

Moving beyond your local music scene and exposing a wider audience to your DJ skills takes more work than you can manage on your own. When the time is right and you have done everything you need to become the best DJ possible you need to start thinking about how to build a DJ team. By getting the right team of people to perform the key tasks required aside from the music, you ultimately put yourself in an ideal position to secure the best gigs in the best venues whilst growing a fan base that will support you for years to come.