How to Improve Your Songwriting Ability

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Although not all are born to have that creative instinct to write songs and creativeness to put words in to songs, there are still ways for one to improve whatever it is they have in them, in terms of writing lyrics and putting those in good hymn. Improving your songwriting ability is very important when it comes to releasing quality tracks.

Whether you are good with it already, there are means and ways for you to improve whatever it is that you are currently good at. Songwriting is an ability that one should never stop improving and enhancing.

Here are a few tips for improving your songwriting ability:

Listen to music everyday
Listening to music everyday will not just give one relaxation and ease but as well as to improve their songwriting abilities. Of course not to copy the lyrics of the songs you hear, but getting ideas at least. Listening to different songs every day and catching those that took your interest and also those that did not. Learning and practicing your choice of good lyrics to not will enhance your ability to write songs, if it is your turn to write one.

Read poems and short stories
Reading poems and short stories will give you better sense of rhyming words and improving good plot of stories. In writing songs you need to deliver good stories and putting them in good rhymes to give you interesting music. People tend to relate on the song in terms of the storyline, thus being good storyteller is what a good songwriter needs to possess. Reading different poems and short stories is a good way for one to get ideas as they put their words into a song.

Challenge yourself
Some thought that, if they feel like they can’t make it, it is better not to try. Never stop challenging yourself, always challenge yourself to create good songs that will get the interest of the mass. Never stop when you fail, never stop improving whatever it is that you currently have. It is a must that you keep yourself motivated to deliver good songs. If you are good with it, do not relax and stop learning, always challenge yourself to create new and better ideas as you choose songs. Always go above your limits, in terms of writing songs. Never be contented of what it is that you currently have.

Develop your ability to think in multiple lines

Writing multiple lines may not be easy, but hey, you cannot complete a song without the ability of doing so. It is a must that you enhance your ability of putting multiple lines in your piece; this can help you deliver to your listeners what your song is all about or deliver the message to the listeners in a clearer and more valuable ways.

Improve lyrics writing
Something that anyone can develop with proper means and ways. Surely, not something that is innate with everyone, but something that anyone can improve and enhance through different ways. These are:


How can you improve your knowledge?
• Reading different pages in the web, like musicskanner
• Reading books that will feed you more information about songwriting
• Can be listening and involving yourself to different seminars or courses that can develop your abilities and knowledge in terms of songwriting

Any or all of the above mentioned activities are recommended. Your knowledge to put words in to lyrics should always be a work in progress.

Using your creative juices to put up an interesting song is definitely a must. Expand your horizons and be as creative as you can in terms of delivering interesting stories and putting your stories into good songs. Use your imagination, feel your presence in the song and think of ways to make a simple story highly interesting.

Observation and objectivity
Know the objective of your song, the purpose of the song you are writing. What do you want to imply? What message do you want to deliver? Make it clear, make it concise and with sense. See how others show interest to the lyrics and not just with the beat. Considering how listeners understand and interpret your song is a must.


At the end of every song you make, it is a must that you analyze the impact it serves the listeners. You need to find out if the song really does make sense, if the song was made highly understandable for everyone to relate.

Writing songs may not be innate to all, but surely an ability that can be enhanced and developed if you really are interested to do so.

Via Music Skanner.