How to Increase Your Chances of being Featured in Spotify, Beatport, Pandora, + More

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This week, we’re back with the latest on presenting your best case to Partners for the topmost potential to land a feature. Take note and get ready to win!

Here are our tips and tricks for having the best chance at getting your music featured on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes and more.

Best Practices for Spotify

Symphonic has the ability to pitch their client’s music to Spotify official playlists. All that you need to do is ensure that you name specific playlists that you are interested in being included in when filling out the feature request form. Always consider niche playlists and user-generated playlists other than the most notorious playlists, such as New Music Friday. In addition, there are publicists, managers, labels, experts, etc. that also have direct contacts and may be able to pitch your music to these. 

If you’re looking to learn more on all things Spotify. Make sure to download our Spotify Guide for the Music Industry.

Best Practices for Beatport

To be considered for genre and homepage banners your request should include all relevant information:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Radio support
  • DJ support (+ chart creations)
  • Social media support
    • Your reach/fans on Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, and YouTube
    • Who will be supporting the release, as well as their reach on Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, and YouTube

We also have a deeper rundown of what Beatport is looking for here.

Best Practices for iTunes / Apple Music

iTunes is keenly selective when choosing an artist to be featured in their platform. Here are some things to definitely prioritize for a feature consideration:

  • Set a 2-3 week pre-sale to help build anticipation. This can help you rise on iTunes charts by giving you that added boost.
  • Keep in mind that albums have more opportunities on iTunes to be featured than singles.
  • iTunes factors in sales potential and past sales history when considering an album to be featured.
  • As with all of the other DSPs, your marketing plan is crucial, so be sure to include and be detailed with the specifics.

Want to learn more about all the tools available on iTunes, check out our post here with all the tools available of Apple Music and iTunes.

Best Practices for Tidal

Similar to Spotify, Tidal appreciates playlist suggestions. Do some light research and name-drop those playlists you believe your singles would fit cosily into. The rest is in our hands. As with all feature requests, please provide your marketing plan as well as your total reach.

Best Practices for Pandora

Symphonic sorts through numerous Pandora expedite submissions on a weekly basis. We prioritize the ones that meet the following criteria:

  • Compelling album cover art
  • Of course, quality music
  • Releases that have a solid marketing plan. Here’s what that looks like:
    • Solid marketing budget + details how the budget will be allocated
    • DJ support – name the DJs + how they will be supporting (reposts, playing at their sets, DJ chart creations, etc.)
    • Radio – include appearance dates + name of the radio show
    • Social media – accounts look consistent and well-branded, have solid presence and engagement
    • Press – interviews, podcast + tv appearances, blog features, reviews, etc. Outline any PR partnerships, just keep us on the same page

Have you learned about Pandora’s AMP dashboard? Check it out here and you’ll be able to send out personalized messages, get stats and more.

Symphonic is consistently in communication with DSPs to be in-the-know of all things artists/labels to keep you ahead of the game. Email us at if you have any additional questions on what you can be doing to further invest in your music. We’re here to help!

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