Quick Tips to Increase YouTube Views

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every artist wants to put out content that viewers will love but what happens when your viewership isn’t increasing and you’re still producing quality content? Your YouTube channel kind of flatlines. If you want to know how to increase YouTube video views, you’re in the right place!

Here are five quick tips to increase YouTube video views:

  • Be shareable:
    • Collaborations are key! Using other’s video footage in your own video when collaborating. 
    • Let your audience know they exist. Respond to comments, give shoutouts, do giveaways!
    • Your channel should be a source of information that gives viewers something different than other channels
  • Be relatable: Viewers don’t want to watch a robotic person. Find a way to relate to your viewers, even if that’s just being yourself. 
  • Be topical: Timing is everything! Jumping on the bandwagon of participating in trends will definitely help to increase your views. Challenges, tags, and even current industry events that are relatable to you are good places to start.
  • Be valuable: “How to” content is one of the most searched topics on YouTube. Give viewers a reason to want to subscribe to you. 
  • Move emotions: Create content that makes people feel something. You can chat about the inspiration behind writing a song, a moment during touring that meant a lot to you, and even personal stories that viewers can relate to. Using visual content, such as performance videos and acoustic performance, can also help to move emotions.