Industry News Roundup // 01.26

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Orfium Talks SoundCloud, Monetization, & the Future of Streaming: Orfium is one of the leading independent streaming services hoping to break into the mainstream consciousness. Following the success of platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music, Orfium wants to take the good elements of those platforms and make them even better – for the artist and the listener. We asked the guys at Orfium a series of questions about monetization, what Orfium stands for, and how it’s going to expand out of streaming and do even more. Check it out!

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Jay Z’s music-streaming service Tidal sells 33% stake to Sprint: Sprint has acquired a 33 percent stake in Jay Z’s music-streaming platform Tidal, with the telecommunications giant set to offer Tidal as a bundled service to its 45 million customers.

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Is the Global Sync Market Set To Explode for Indie Labels and Unsigned Artists: The amount of money pouring into record companies from sync keeps on growing. According to IFPI figures, record companies accrued $355m from licensing their tracks to video games, movies and TV in 2015 – up 6.6% year-on-year. The US is the world’s largest sync market, accounting for 57% of 2015’s revenue with $203m, while other standout territories included the UK ($33m), France ($30m) and Japan ($30m).

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Pandora Emerges as 2016’s Most Streamed Music Service: In the 2016 Music Streaming Wars, Pandora emerged victorious. Lately, Pandora’s had a rough time. Despite launching a cheaper alternative to Spotify, company insiders sold their stock. The company also reportedly rejected a buy-out offer from SiriusXM. In addition, the stock price is currently at $13.29, lower than the $14.01 price back in December. However, the company received very good news in regards to their 2016 performance from MusicWatch.

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Haters Gonna Hate: The Construct of Musical Pretension: Have you ever confidently put your iPod on shuffle when someone passes you the aux cord? If you have, may I take this opportunity to digitally bow down to you and your savagery. For the rest of us mere mortals however, the thought is uncomfortable at best, sweat-inducing at worst. We all have a dark, unspoken musical past and present, a group of songs and artists that we repeatedly listen to yet go out of our way to hide all evidence of.

Why exactly do we feel the need to do this? Sure, having ten individual Naruto theme songs on your phone might not be the coolest thing your Tinder date could accidentally discover about you, but chances are there is some equally damning material on their playlist history too—so why bother to cover it up? In fact, why do we make such a point of judging other individuals based on who they listen to and how often?

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