Industry News Roundup // 01.19

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Where Japan’s club culture needs to go in 2017: 2016 saw music streaming services make big in-roads into Japan, with the much-awaited launch of Spotify seeing it join a roster of platforms that includes Line Music, AWA, Google Play and Apple Music. The strength of physical formats — which still contributed to approximately 75 percent of Japan’s music revenue in 2016 according to an IFPI State of the Industry Report — have long contributed to the stronghold that jimusho (talent agencies) hold over the mainstream music industry. Widespread uptake of streaming services could potentially democratize many of the opportunities available to artists.

\\ Via Japan Times //

Music Streaming Finally Has More Paying Subscribers Than Netflix:One of the more deflating facts about the size of the global music streaming business has, for the time being, been banished to history.

Across the past half-decade, the total number of people paying to subscribe to audio music services has trailed behind those shelling out for just one TV and movie service – Netflix.

\\ Via Music Business Worldwide //

Jamaica’s Oldest Vinyl Records Plant Is Back In Action: Tuff Gong Records ceased production of vinyl records in the early 1990s. Now, it’s back in action as demand for vinyl records surges in the Caribbean. If you only know one reggae artist, it’s undoubtedly Bob Marley. And if you know reggae, you definitely know the name Tuff Gong. Now, the studio where Marley recorded most of his classics is revamping its vinyl records facility.

That’s right: in a matter of months, Jamaica’s last surviving vinyl records plant will be back in action.

\\ Via Digital Music News //

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GarageBand on iOS is now a more capable music production suite: Apple’s GarageBand is a good place to get started with recording, but it’s useful for more advanced skill levels as well. The company just revealed an update to the iOS version of the app that gives the software a few more tools for tracking on the go. First, the powerful Alchemy synthesizer from Apple’s pro-grade Logic software is now available as an instrument in the mobile version of GarageBand. It includes over 150 patches capable of producing sounds for a range of genres.

\\ Via Digital Music News //

Brothers plug students into music industry through sessions with artists: The Music Industry Committee at UCLA’s office hours aren’t held by professors – instead, they’re led by chart-topping musicians.

Thursday, MIC at UCLA will host DJ Kaskade at Schoenberg Hall as part of the club’s six-part Office Hours series, which brings artists to campus to answer students’ questions about succeeding in the music business, said MIC co-founder David Brik.

\\ Via Daily Bruin //

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