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Tesla Reportedly in Talks to Start Music Streaming Service

Joining the ranks of Spotify, Apple Music, and the like, Tesla is in talks to start its own streaming service.

Industry sources have revealed that the automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer is looking to add streaming service to its portfolio. Tesla is in talks to license a proprietary music service that would come bundled with its cars, which are already equipped with high-tech Internet capiblities.

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“90% of Jamaica’s vinyl collection is in Japan” – Iconic sound system owner speaks out

Stone Love’s Winston ‘Wee Pow’ Powell says Japan is now “the capital of Jamaican music”.

The founder of one of Jamaica’s major sound systems has lamented the island’s attitude to its own musical heritage, saying that Japan has overtaken Jamaica as the capital of reggae and dancehall music.SevensClash-ROCKERSINT-12

\\ Source The Vinyl Factory //

Spotify Is Letting Labels Pay to Put Music in Your Playlists

Get ready for “sponsored songs” if you’re a free user of the streaming service.

In the latest chapter of 2017 a.k.a. “The Gang Watches Late Capitalism Go Cyber,” the BBC reports that Spotify is currently testing out a system wherein record labels can pay to have music appear in the playlists of the service’s free users. It more or less sounds like these “sponsored songs” will function a little like Spotify’s regular ads for non-subscribers, but instead, they’re whole pieces of music. Tight. Fader says that the sponsored songs will match the listening habits of each individual user because no marketing is better than the hyper-targeted kind. Again, if you already pay Spotify Premium’s $9.99 monthly fee and don’t see ads anyway, you’re unaffected, and free users can opt out of sponsored songs if they can somehow locate it in their options (The Verge has a handy guide on how to do so).

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How Major Lazer Bet on Diversity (and Data) to Make Global Hits: ‘The Audience Controls Music Now’ 

On a hot May afternoon in Miami, Major Lazer is gathered at a dockside seafood spot called Garcia’s for a lunch of conch fritters, grilled mahi-mahi, rice and plantains. The vibe is very Jimmy Buffett, with a deeply tanned middle-aged posse pulling up in a speedboat and hopping out for a meal, and an actual pod of dolphins cruising by, much to our table’s delight. Diplo, whose real name is Wesley Pentz (everyone calls him Wes), is especially pleased by a mural with a cartoonish manatee, which he poses in front of for a potential Instagram or Snapchat hit. “I love manatees!” he says. “I have a tattoo of a manatee. They’re the best.”

\\ Source Billboard //

Now Apple Wants to Reduce Royalty Rate It Pays Record Labels 

Last year, MBW broke the news that Spotify was trying to negotiate the royalty rate it paid record labels down from 55% of revenue closer towards 50%.

After two years of negotiations, the streaming platform finally reached a new long-term licensing deal with Universal Music Group in April.

Universal agreed to a smaller revenue share – believed to be around 52% – but Spotify in turn agreed to be pegged to subscriber growth targets, as well as offering other benefits.

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