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Who’s Leading The Streaming Pack?

Subscriber numbers only tell part of the streaming story. They are solid indicators of commercial success, but can often obscure how well a service is doing in terms of engaging its user base.

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Pandora Sued By Paypal for Alleged “Harmful” Logo Infringement

Pandora has been through the mill of late.

It’s being toyed with as an on-then-off-then-on-again acquisition plaything by SiriusXM – after losing more than a third of a billion dollars in 2016.

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SoundCloud Now Available on Xbox One

As part of a brand new initiative, SoundCloud is now readily available on Xbox One.

The new partnership with allow Xbox users to stream millions of tracks straight from their consoles. The new app will be available to anyone with a SoundCloud account, and will allow for background listening while gaming.

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Vevo wants to be the new MTV with its refined tvOS app

Vevo, the music video service most easily recognized for its presence on YouTube, is putting more faith and resources into TV. The company is today releasing a refined app for tvOS, designed to improve on its recent efforts to offer personalized music videos and original content to its users. The move comes as the service sees rapid growth on television as compared to desktop and even mobile.

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Your Music Was Added to a Popular Spotify Playlist… Now What?

Spotify is known for its “discover” features, most specifically its playlists. Whether it’s “New Music Friday,” “Today’s Top Hits,” or “RapCaviar,” many of these playlists have millions of followers. If your music gets added to one of the biggies, that’s about as close to a Willy-Wonka golden ticket as you’re going to get in the streaming world. Overnight, your track can soar from a few hundred plays to tens of thousands.

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