Industry News Roundup // 08.10

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This DJ Payola App Will Get Your Music Played In Clubs

The Spinfire mobile app seems like a surefire way to engage in a payola scheme at the club scene.

spinfireWant to have popular DJs play your music at local clubs?  Look no further than Spinfire, an easy way to engage in a pay-for-play scheme across the United States.

Amazon might take on Ticketmaster with concert and sports ticket sales

Amazon has held talks directly with the owners of major venues in the US about potentially entering the business of ticket sales, according to a report from Reuters. If Amazon were to proceed, it could significantly disrupt an industry that is largely dominated by Ticketmaster. But as an alternative to competing, Amazon has also considered partnering with Ticketmaster on a ticketing effort. Those discussions “have stalled over who would control customer data” according to Reuters.

Forbes’ Highest Paid DJs of 2017 Will Either Inspire You or Ruin Your Day

Forbes just dropped it’s annual “The World’s Highest-Paid DJs” article for 2017, and the sums of money made on the list will either inspire you or ruin your day.

SoundCloud’s Investors May Terminate the Company In 24 Hours

On Friday, SoundCloud’s existing investors will determine if the company lives or dies.  So you might want to back up your catalog.

The walls are caving in on SoundCloud.  And its entire future is now hinging upon one vote.

Earlier, Digital Music News reported that the beleaguered streaming service was entertaining rescue investment from two groups.  But according to a just-published report, those newer investors need to be approved by a bunch of older investors.  And that’s not guaranteed.

UPDATE: SoundCloud has today (August 11) agreed to take on $169.5m funding from global merchant bank The Raine Group and Singapore-headquartered investment company Temasek.

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