Industry News Roundup // 08.18

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Who Still Steals Music These Days?

Despite music being everywhere online these days and available to anybody who wants to listen to their favorite tunes while still supporting the artists in one way or another, millions of people are still stealing music. It’s a sad fact, but who is actually committing these crimes and robbing musicians of the sales and royalties they deserve in today’s musical economy, which is already so customer-focused?

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Spotify Has Taken a Stand and Removed “Hate Bands” From Its Streaming Library

After being alerted to a number of “hate bands” appearing on Spotify, the steaming service has followed Apple‘s lead and removed the content. Announcing the decision, Spotify released a statement saying that, “illegal content or material that favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality or the like is not tolerated by us.” The company also explained how the music had made it on to the service, putting it down to the “hundreds of thousands of record companies and aggregators all over the world” who contribute the music to the site and are responsible for it.

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Lyor Cohen: YouTube Pays Out More Than Spotify for Ad-Supported Streams in the US

It’s been eight months since Lyor Cohen was officially named YouTube’s global Head Of Music. And now he’s had time to bed in, the former Def Jam and Warner exec has jotted down his insider thoughts on the platform’s relationship with the music business.

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46% of Influencers Would Give Up Snapchat If They Had to Uninstall One Platform

Adding to Snapchat’s financial woes, now nearly half of influencers would voluntarily leave the platform.

Last week, Snapchat’s parent company posted dismal financial numbers.  Again.  And the once-hot company has failed to attract a growing number of new users.  Downloads dropped 22% in April and May.

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DJ Tips: How to Improve Productivity Without Compromising Quality

There’s a lot of demand going on for DJs right now. In between meetings, tours, and gigs, you also need to make sure you’re churning out quality products from time to time. But sometimes, you get stuck and become unable to move on from that beat you’ve been working on for the last three days. Suffice to say, you’ve lost some valuable time that would otherwise have resulted in new music and perhaps some money.

You want to be productive and at the same time create high quality tracks all the time. Here are important tips to achieve both.

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