Industry News Roundup // 09.01

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Radio Is Dead In 10 Years. This Study Proves It.

Young people have fled terrestrial radio.  The medium now brings in less revenue than streaming platforms.  People purchase smart speakers to listen to “better music.”  So, will radio go the way of the dodo?

A new study by Musonomics will make you wonder how many years radio has left.

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Hip-Hop Artists Dominate USA’s Top Songwriters Chart in First Half of 2017

The rise and rise of hip-hop in the US market isn’t only being reflected in the nation’s mainstream music charts – but also in the songwriters behind its biggest hits.

Once again, MBW has teamed up with Royalty Exchange to monitor the most successful hit songwriters in the US, this time across the first half of 2017 (ie. the six months to end of June).

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Surprise! Spotify Says They Don’t Owe Anything for ‘Mechanicals’

Looks like Spotify has a totally different game plan for dealing with pesky publishers and songwriters.  So you can take your ‘mechanical’ license and…

If you’re just tuning into this imbroglio, then welcome to the juiciest part.

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How Streaming Music Services Could Be Better For DJs