Industry News Roundup // 09.08

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Warner buys Spinnin’ Records in $100m+ deal – Music Business Worldwide

MBW told you back in May that some of the business’s most powerful companies were battling to acquire Dutch dance label Spinnin’ Records for mega-money – and now, we have a victor.

Sources in Europe tell us that Warner Music Group has officially acquired Spinnin’, whose YouTube channel boasts over 18m subscribers.

\\ Via Music Business Worldwide //

MTv Announces Return of TRL, Big Changes on Way

MTV used to stand for music television. It was the premier venue for the debut of the phenomenon which is the music video, the setting that made iconic ’80s videos from The Buggles, Peter Gabriel, and Michael Jackson stand out as poignant moments in music history. Later, it was the embodiment of ’90s pop culture distilled, bottled, and broadcasted to millions of scrunchie-clad teens. In recent years however, the “music” element of the MTV equation has begun to take a backseat to a gamut of reality programs spanning hard-hitting topics, such as unplanned teenage pregnancy, online dating, and duck phones. While aging demographics may mourn this transition as tragic, the younger generation – the audience MTV has almost always exclusively targeted – are losing interest, and losing interest fast.

\\ Via Noiseprn //

Facebook Offers ‘Hundreds of Millions of Dollars’ to Labels and Publishers for Global Licenses 

Facebook is offering record labels and publishers a quick fix advance which would allow its 2bn-plus users to start legally using music in their videos.

\\ Via Music Business Worldwide //

YouTube Cares About Paying Creators So Much, They’re Running Ads for Video Ad-Blockers

YouTube says they’re working really hard to pay artists more.  Does that include selling ads for video ad-blockers?

Riddle me this: how does one make money on an ad that advertises its own extinction?  Such is the perplexing question now surrounding YouTube, which has been constantly running advertisements for video ad-blockers.

\\ Via Digital Music News //

Native Instruments’ new Maschine MK3 has color screens and audio jacks

Native Instruments has announced a new version of production and performance system Maschine, as well as the next iteration of its Komplete Kontrol keyboard. The updates for both units were developed in tandem, meant to keep musicians in the groove without depending on outside hardware as much. For Maschine, these updates also mean a more optimized and tactile experience for programming and performing beats on the fly.

\\ Via The Verge //

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