Industry News Roundup // 09.15

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Deezer CEO: We’ll Buy SoundCloud ‘At the Right Price’

Deezer has the cash to become a serious player in the music streaming market.  And it’s setting its sights on SoundCloud.

Last year, SoundCloud reported that it only had enough cash to survive until December.  Since 2016, the platform has lost over 100 million users.  In less than a year, it also lost 75% of its $1 billion valuation.

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PRODUCERGIRLS Empowers Aspiring Female Producers

The PRODUCERGIRLS project has set its sights on reducing the gender gap in electronic music, one badass chick at a time. The movement began in February 2016, when a cabal of trailblazing producers, both male and female—E.M.M.A, P Jam, Dexplicit, Ikonika and Nightwave—founded a program with the goal of providing software, mentoring, and creative support to women with an interest in producing electronic music.

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Facebook Attacks One of YouTube’s Biggest Weaknesses: Portability

What’s one thing that sucks about YouTube?  Portability.  So Facebook just fixed that.

For all of its serious flaws, YouTube still dominates music listening.  And yes, a massive percentage of music video ‘viewers’ aren’t ‘watching’ anything.

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Spotify’s new iMessage app lets you share 30-second song previews with friends

If you’re a Spotify user (and an iPhone user), there have probably been countless times you’ve shared a song with a friend through iMessage. The share button is easy and intuitive enough on the Spotify app, but the action can only be done within Spotify, and not the other way around. On the receiving end, once your friend gets the link, they have to leave iMessage, open Spotify, and then listen to the full song. Now, you can share a song on Spotify without ever leaving iMessage, thanks to the quiet launch of Spotify’s new iMessage app, TechCrunch reports.

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