Industry News Roundup // 12.22.2016

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Is Amazon Listening to Your Conversations Through the Echo?:  We’re not good at speaking the correct Christmas songs into Alexa. But wait: why is Amazon tracking what we’re saying? What else are they listening to?

Amazon scored a huge hit with Alexa-powered devices, including the Echo and the Dot. And this could be the Christmas that makes it a household name (literally).

Via Digital Music News.


Djay Pro is now on the iPhone: Algoriddim’s goal over the past few years has been to redefine how much hardware and experience you need to be a DJ, and today it’s taking things to their natural conclusion by cramming every feature it can into the iPhone.

Via Verge.
You Can Now Search Apple Music By Composer:  Apple has long had composer information for millions of tracks at its fingertips. Traditionally, that’s thanks to a deal with metadata giant Gracenote (which is currently being sold to Nielsen for a whopping $560m). This songwriter information was always easily accessible in iTunes, but in Apple Music… not so much. However, a quiet recent update appears to have changed all that.

Via Music Business Worldwide.


Should Musicians Bother with LinkedIn?: Many musicians discount LinkedIn as a useful social media network, because they think it’s for people in the corporate world. Instead, they concentrate on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube (which isn’t exactly the most fair to musicians). But there are actually thousands of people in the music industry on LinkedIn, and musicians have a lot to gain from signing up.

Via Digital Music News.


Facebook Live Audio elbows in on radio and podcasting: Facebook spent much of 2016 tricking out its Live video broadcasting feature, most recently opening it up to footage shot with 360-degree cameras. But it seems they’ve been busy bringing another streaming option to professional organizations and amateur users alike. Today, the social titan is launching Live Audio for a select group of publishers, with plans to open it up to everyone next year.

Via Engadget.

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