Industry News Roundup // 12.08.2016

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Entertainment giant SFX emerges from bankruptcy as LiveStyle, shuns the term “EDM”: The new boss promises broader lineups, “more like Coachella”. SFX Entertainment has emerged from bankruptcy with a new name, LiveStyle, and a new CEO who shuns the term “EDM”.

Source: Fact Mag 


Pandora officially unveils its long-awaited Spotify competitor: It isn’t a secret that Pandora was planning to launch a full-fledged Spotify competitor. The company said as much last year when it bought Rdio, which had filed for bankruptcy. But today, at a lavish event in New York City, Pandora gave a small group of VIPs and reporters a look at the new streaming service. It’s called Pandora Premium, and, as you’d expect, it offers on-demand access to a massive music catalog. And it looks a lot like Rdio, from the brief glance we have seen so far. But Pandora is leveraging the years of information it has about how its users listen to music to provide the all-important recommendations necessary to help people find new songs.

Source: Engadget 

Tidal Flounders While Apple Music Reaches a New Subscriber Milestone:Apple Music reaches 20 million subscribers. Tidal keeps floundering. Should Spotify consider their “no-exclusives” policy? Apple released their latest numbers for Apple Music, and the news is good. In just 18 months since launch, Apple Music has crossed 20 million paid subscribers. In September, the Cupertino company reported 17 million. This marks an impressive 15 percent jump in just three months.

Source: Digital Music News

YouTube Executive Tells the Music Industry to Stop Whining, Start Innovating: YouTube paid the music industry $1 billion in the last year alone, according to comments from an executive today.  So why all the whining? Almost overnight, YouTube the biggest enemy of the music industry.  And this debate is getting uglier by the second.  This year, the company has been accused of ripping off artists, stealing their videos, and barely paying its fair share.  Even the biggest manager in the music business, Irving Azoff, has come out swinging against YouTube.

Source: Digital Music News 

Beatport Dance Music Store Has A New Owner: Beatport is under new ownership. Up for sale since the spectacular demise of its parent company SFX Entertainment, the online dance music and production sample store now moves into the stable of LiveStyle, a company that’s been formed from the ashes of SFX Entertainment.

Source: Digital DJ Tips

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