Innovative Sync Licensing Opportunities to Keep On Your Radar

Okay, indies! You know we’re giving you the 411 to make sure your knowledge of the music biz is copacetic. In the innovative world that we live in, there’s always something new or on the rise that’s waiting to be integrated into the music industry. In our case, we’re taking a look at developing avenues for Sync licensing placements that you’ll, without a doubt, want to keep in mind for your next release. Check it out!

Here are our picks for innovative sync licensing opportunities to keep on your radar in 2018.


Although recently under fire for taking shots at the Fenty Queen herself, Snapchat has been a fast-growing social media platform, allowing fans to connect with their favorite celebs and get a more personal look into their lives. Snap uses trendy filters that play clips of popular music while users record videos of themselves. These videos can be shared copiously through connected users/friends, making it a game-changing promotional tool. One of the first songs featured on the filter was the ever-catchy “Now & Later” by Sage the Gemini, and more recently “Friends” by Marshmello & Anne Marie. The app even displays the title and singers of the song featured. It’s a great opportunity for artists to gain exposure in a non-traditional manner.

Netflix & Hulu

One of the many reasons that we at Symphonic love digital streaming platforms like Netflix & Hulu is because these companies dish out a significant amount of money into the production of original scripted shows. Thus, providing various opportunities for sync licensing placement to musicians worldwide. Plus, the fact that we get to revisit cult classics and our favorite present-day tv shows doesn’t hurt either.

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Virtual Reality is also a rapidly growing addition to music licensing opportunities. For those of you who don’t know, VR is a computer-simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of being in an environment other than the one they live in. This is done primarily through the use of a headset. Think the movie Avatar. In terms of sync placement, think similar to that of video game sync licensing. In addition to VR making way for musicians, it’s also helping make an impact on our wildlife crises, hospitals and medical research and more.

Think we missed some game-changers? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think will be a new avenue for sync licensing placements in 2018!

Until next time!