Instagram Stories Rolls Out Polls

Social media is always changing and adding new features to engage audiences.

Instagram recently introduced its own polling feature to their Stories.

Adding a poll to your Stories works the same way as adding a location sticker. You can add a two-answer poll on top of your Stories that your followers can answer with a simple tap. img_2080

Instagram Stories lets you write your own question and defaults the answers to Yes and No, though you can edit those to be whatever you want. Via Tech Crunch

Friends will see results as soon as they answer, and you’ll find who voted for what in your Stories view count page.Via Tech CrunchPolls could make Instagram Stories more interactive instead of something you rapidly fast-forward through. Hopefully multiple-choice answers are coming beyond the existing binary choices.

Polls are a great way for artists to interact with their fans! The possibilities of different questions are ENDLESS. You can ask what digital service provider do they prefer to hear music on, what genre they’re diggin’, if they’ve listened to your new track, are they interested in purchasing merch from you, etc…

Comment down below to let us know what questions you’ll be asking!

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