Label Statistics Launched!

Symphonic Distribution is excited to announce the launching of “Label Statistics” to be available via the Royalty Portal of Symphonic Distribution. This feature, (available to record labels on only) is currently in BETA and will be able to display Label Subscriptions, Artist Subscriptions, Social Network Statistics, your Top 10 as it pertains to Beatport, Content Portal statistics, and the ability to search for a Track or Artist to see where they are charting! All of this on one simple easy to use screen!

The feature has been something that our clients have requested for years so we are happy that with our new programming team that we were able to fulfill one of the many great requests that come from our record label clients. Check out a screenshot for a more in depth preview of each section available to record labels on Beatport.

The Royalty Portal has evolved since its launch. The system boasts Daily Sales Estimates from Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, Trackitdown,, JunoDownload, and other partners. In addition, the system allows you to download your sales data via Excel, get Quarterly Summaries, Calculate Artist Payouts and much more! We will continue to enhance each and every section of the Royalty Portal and will be merging the system with the Content Portal by years end!

The Label Statistics section will continue to evolve to show Social Network stats on distributed artists, trends to see growth of each network and tons more. We’re open minded and also up for getting your ideas to make this platform much more useful! The platform will also become available to labels not on the Beatport platform soon!

If you don’t have access to systems like this, perhaps it’s time to consider switching your Distribution! Contact us at to learn more about our Digital Distribution offerings to take advantage of this new and exciting feature of one of our most popular systems with more to come in the near future!