Legal Contracts for Music Producers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The legal aspect of the Music Industry is not an easy one. To get legal representation it costs you money and specifically, to get legal representation to draft agreements for any potential business dealing that pertains to the music industry is also as costly. Sadly, because individuals may not have the funds, having proper agreements can be detrimental on a business but further on an artist.

Here’s everything you need to know about legal contracts for music producers!

There are about 5 legal contracts that music producers should be aware of. From session contracts to sample clearance packs, Symphonic Distribution has got you covered.

Session Musician Contract

Also known as work for hire agreement, this is a contract by which a musicians agrees to perform a musical composition for a fee but renounces to all and any interest in the master recording, the composition and waives any other related rights such as the moral rights. Useful agreement to avoid session musicians claiming any ownership rights or share of performance income after they have been engaged and paid a fee for their services.


Sample Clearance Pack

Set of two contracts which provide you with everything you need to clear the recording of a sample and the composition embedded in the recordings. Agreement pack contains:

  • Sample Clearance Agreement with Record Label: where the owner of a recording grants a non-exclusive license for the use of a portion of the Master Recoding in a new recording performed by an artist
  • Sample Clearance Agreement with Publisher: where the owner of a composition grants a non-exclusive license for the use of a portion of the composition in a new recording performed by an artist.

Producer Contract For Signed Artist

Agreement where an artist appoints a producer to produce a recording or a number of recordings for the record label that the artist is signed to. The label makes available a budget for the producer which is inclusive of a recording budget (money used to pay for studio and general expenses incurred in the making of the records) and an advance. Said advance, although non-returnable, is fully recoupable from the share of royalties the producer will get once the recordings are commercialized.

This agreement is made between a producer and an artist who is already signed. Masters produced by the producer will become part of the artist repertoire that is assigned to the record label under a Recording Agreement.

The template also contains letters of direction (1) to label in respect to payment of budgets and royalties to producer and (2 – US version only) to SoundExchange for the collection of statutory performance royalties deriving from usage in radio, streaming services and TV music channels.

Producer Contract (Production & Representation Agreement)

Agreement under which a Producer funds the recording of musical performances by an artist. Producer is assigned full ownership of copyrights and representation rights for the length of the term of the agreement OR up until copyright is assigned to a third party label OR once production costs have been paid bthe y artist to Producer or recouped in the form of Royalties or otherwise. Termination of the agreement does not affect Producer’s entitlement to royalties.

Producer Contract (Pro-Artist)

Agreement under which an Artist engages a Producer to conduct recording sessions and deliver certain tracks for a fee. The Producer will make reasonable efforts to present such compositions to labels with the view of securing a deal. In the event, such deal is secured the producer will receive a commission on the advance by the label as well as royalties on future income. This contract is 2 pages long.

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