Music Biz 101: How to Get Featured on Blogs

When we see that professional PR agency/record label email, we know that with every email we will get the same quality and necessary information needed for a review/post. They make life easy on us.

But when we get emails from little known artists or unsigned artists, we might get that, but we mostly get everything but that. How do you make your emails stand out to blogs? How do you make blog writers/curators to pay attention and actually click to listen to your music? You should give as much concern to the email content itself as you do to the music you’re sending. Your email subject line and content determine whether or not bloggers actually click on the link to your music or simply go straight to the delete button.

Want to increase the likelihood that blogs will actually notice your email, click on your music, and potentially post it? Watch the latest episode of Music Biz 101.

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