Music Biz 101: Hosting a Successful Event

The leap to hosting a live event is a big one. It carries financial risk, a load of stress, and often new and unfamiliar roles, but also almost certainly guarantees a fun time and great way for people to get to know you, your brand and music. We got the chance to chat with local entrepreneur, designer and DJ, Elias Theroux on creating experiences around music and arts. Elias Theroux is the mastermind behind Savoir-Faire, a boutique design agency specializing in concept development, creative direction, and brand strategy for anything for both physical & digital spaces.

Get to know what it takes, preparation involved, relationships needed and more in order to be able to host your first event.


1. How were you able to determine the need for the type of event and atmosphere that you have created in your events Cloak+Dagger and Smoke+Mirrors?

During an internship in New York City I spent a lot of my time frequenting bars and clubs that offered something I’d never seen before in Tampa. The small spaces, the foggy dance floors and the champagne had an allure of cool sophistication, as well as a certain degree of immersive exclusivity. I was motivated to create something here that generated that same distinct sense of intrigue. Now, my goal is to offer a sort of escape from the mundane for the people who so clearly need and deserve an alternative. 

2. What are key elements when branding a concept for an event? Definite must-haves that can strike a cord with your target audience?

Prior to the creation of the Savoir-Faire umbrella, through which all our services operate, I had branded my own personal services as Beautiful Logic. That title still resonates, as it defines the methodology we use for branding, event design and anything else we do. A brand should appeal to any audience because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but our target demographic will see beyond the aesthetic. They understand that a brand isn’t just a logo, but that it’s a feeling we want to instill. These are the people that see the value in what we do, and they’re the ones we look to for inspiration.

3. What are things to consider when choosing a venue that represents the concept and atmosphere you are looking to create?

Any venue can be the right venue. The best venues, however, are the ones that reflect the tone of our concept and heighten the appeal of our events. A full bar and a decently sized dance floor are essential, but in order to create the perfect flow, the devil’s in the details. Where people sit, what they see when they go outside, or how they get around is part of the experience. We look at a venue and think about how these things will play out. Cloak+Dagger and Smoke+Mirrors have been held at very different venues, but they’ve established a similar presence because we’ve strategically implemented every one of these aspects. 


4. What do you consider are the key partnerships you have to establish in order to host a successful event?

Every partnership we’ve made along the way is key. We operate as a collective. In order for anything to be successful, you have to establish a sense of teamwork and camaraderie with a focus on a common goal. I’ve worked with DJs, bartenders, photographers and countless other types of professionals who have become involved with the project because they’re passionate. It’s this cooperative effort that assures me that our events will be successful.

5. In your opinion, what is the best strategy to reach out to venues and establishments to host an event?

A lot of deliberate care goes into seeking out where to stage an event, and the best practice has been to work in an environment that we already love. We know the staff, we’ve had their cocktails, we’re familiar with the clientele and we can’t get enough. It’s because of this that we feel confident enough to approach the owners, managers, or marketing team with an idea. These ideas are presented through a series of proposals, research and strategies that fully outline our plans to create the best event possible, utilizing the resources we’ve already come to know.

6. What recommendations would you give when it comes to budget allocation? (Percentages you should consider for each component of the event)

From the initial proposal of an event onward, we’ve already assessed the necessary budget. Every event is different. Whether it’s printed materials, specialized lighting, or fabricated materials that add that special touch, we’ve got it covered. We work with local companies, and have been developing our own resources, to keep costs low. We’re also lucky enough to be comprised of a series of team members that go above and beyond, and we treasure them. Together, we artfully utilize every resource to ensure the best quality for the best value. 


7. What do you consider to be elements needed in today’s events to be able to keep people coming back and appealed?

As a designer, I understand that people are drawn to what they like by what they see. We go beyond that by adding a little mystery into the mix. Our marketing technique makes our events that much more intriguing. We offer an experience unlike any other, and people are drawn to that because they’re curious to find out what it is. After they’ve experienced it for themselves, they tell their friends, who then tell their friends, introducing a whole new group of people to what we do. The opinion of one’s peers is the greatest motivator of all, far beyond any advertisement.

8. What recommendations would you give aspiring event holders when planning for an event?

Plan in advance and know everything there is to know about everything. When you no longer feel worried that things might not run smoothly, that’s when you should worry the most. Every detail has to be considered. Hosting an event requires a lot of patience, time and hard work. It’s not for everyone, but the best recommendation I could give would be to hire us.



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