Music Biz 101: Moody Recordings

Moody Recordings is known in the house scene as a pioneer label. They have been in existence since 1996, and we are honored to distribute their music for at least part of that time.

We sat down with Ben from Moody Recordings to hear a bit about the story behind this legendary label, and how it came to be in our latest Music Biz interview series!

Moody Recordings is a underground record label based out of Chicago supplying DJ’s and artist music for the not so main stream listeners. It was founded in 1996 in Chicago from founder Bad Boy Bill.

We strive on staying within the family of artist we have built relationships with over the years of projects and releases. The team stays active with new demo submissions from artist across the globe and have been still searching for upcoming artist.

Moody survives from releasing within our means. The label focuses on Artist that are pushing their music and active on social platforms with the music they are releasing.  The bottom line is we like to see artist actually promoting the releases and the label they are signed to since it helps with promotion and reaches people we would have a difficult time reaching. We have been focusing on Sample packs and Stems, with our upcoming releases since this is the next steps with dance music and the platforms.  The Sample packs have been a great impact with producers relaying positive feedback and support.  You will see more sample packs and Stems releases from sure from Moody.

IMG_3973-1We are proud of the fact that we have such great fans and support through the whole transition from selling records to selling WAV forms and MP3’s.  The support is amazing we love our fans!

When we first launched it was getting the records out to the hottest underground record stores across the nation, now it’s staying in contact with the older DJ’s and fans and creating new fans.  The newer generation of fans is just as important and we feel that our history has always helped with our reputation.  

Starting a new label can be difficult and you should research the possibilities with growth and projected income before you start.  

Two major factors come into play with startup labels, one is having releases to stay consistent with releases the second is having the quality sound from producers you are planning to push or promote with the music.  

The music industry has defiantly changed and the will continue to change but you have to be ready to always adapt. The main misconception about labels is that we don’t support other labels.  Moody supports other artist signed to other labels as we should, since we are a community of “underground music” there are no “clicks”.  Like it or not dance music has been always behind pop music and hip hop in all the charts and sales.  We can still build something amazing with dance music but it takes support from everyone.

We look into the artist social presence and how they communicate with their fans, if an artist is posting every 30 minutes about the coffee they drink or the food they have eaten we tend to stir away.  We want to see positive movement and drive from our artist.  The easiest way to approach this is to remain professional and set an example not by participating in the latest trend.

Artists should never settle with one label. 

The artist should always look and push for growth within all platforms.  Do not let one label control your destiny, you control your destiny with hard work and drive.

We appreciate all the support we receive and we continue to push for our fans and the dance music community worldwide daily.  “If good music is released people will search and find it.”

Thank you Ben from Moody recordings! We appreciate the amazing advice from an industry veteran, which is applicable to anyone thinking about starting their own label. 

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