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Spotify Announces Brand New Relationship with Ticketmaster: Spotify is no stranger when it comes teaming up with some of the world’s leading music entities. Already having an existing partnership with Songkick, the music streaming behemoth now has a partnership with Ticketmaster in the works.

Source: Noiseporn

iHeart, traditional radio titan, takes on Spotify too: iHeartMedia, the biggest terrestrial radio company in the US and operator of online service iHeartRadio, launched two streaming memberships in a beta “test” mode Thursday, giving customers ways to unlock more access to tunes.

Source: CNet

spainwirelessshowIs VR technology about to revolutionize the way we experience music?: With affordable technology from Sony, Google and Samsung making its way into millions of homes, 2016 has been the year of virtual reality. Artists including Björk and D∆WN have been at the forefront of using the technology for videos, but are we on the edge of a VR revolution in musical expression? Chris Kelly investigates.

Source: Fact Mag

Streaming Price War Breaks Out As Google Offers 4 Free Months of Play: Google Play Music is offering a four month free trial subscription for free as part of its ‘Cyber Week’ window, which began yesterday (November 24).

Source: Music Business Worldwide

Spotify Discover Weekly Has Helped Fans Unearth 300 Billion Tracks: Included with Spotify’s annual lists of artists, albums, tracks and trends that topped the service in 2016, was a note that the music streamer’s Discover Weekly playlists had been streamed more than 9 billion times as of the end of November.

Source: Hypebot

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