Music Biz 101: How to Create a Music Marketing Plan


So you’re ready to create a marketing plan on your own? Congratulations! We’re here to give you some easy tips on how to effectively produce one.

Music marketing plans play an important role for indie labels and musicians. By plotting your marketing strategies ahead of time, your campaigns will run more smoothly and your efforts are more likely to pay off.

A common misconception is that a marketing plan has to be lengthy in order to prove effective. However, this just wastes time that could be spent implementing the strategies outlined in your marketing plan. Be direct, get to the point! Don’t confuse your artist or label. Simply let them know what needs to be done.

There are 8 core components in a marketing plan. These include the Summary, your Current State, a SWOT Analysis, your Goals & Objectives, Strategic Actions to be taken, your Tactics for those actions, Financial Implications, and lastly Milestones.

The summary should feature key points of the plan and give the audience a sneak peak into what’s to come.  Be sure to keep it focused and succinct so your audience doesn’t lose focus. A helpful tip: complete this portion of the marketing plan at the very end. This way, all you have to do is fill in what you’ve already completed!

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