Beatport Creates New Genres


Beatport has created new genres to distinguish EDM and underground electronic music.

You may already know that Beatport has been working hard on the re-classification of their genres.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Beatport genres:

  • Two new genres will be added to the store, “Big Room” and “Future House
  • Pop/Rock is becoming Dance, which is already in effect
  • Chill Out  has been phased out as a genre and merged with Electronica to become Electronica/Downtempo
  • Nearly all 4/4 music from Electronica Top 100  will be classified as Deep House
  • Electro House will be phased out as a genre and become the sub-genre of Big Room
  • Progressive House will remain as a main genre but it will be realigned as Progressive in the style of Sasha/Digweed
  • EDM style Progressive will be merged into Big Room

Incoming Electro House content will be mapped to Big Room | Electro House. And incoming Electronica and Chill Out will be mapped to a new primary genre of Electronica / Downtempo.

The update will be rolled out on Monday, Sept. 12. Learn more here.

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