Our Fresh New Music Spotify Playlist is Collaborative

Every week, we thumb through new releases from various genres to put together our Fresh New Music Spotify playlist.

Every Friday we love to feature the latest releases from our Symphonic community. These releases are featured all throughout our social media channels and are also added to our Fresh New Music playlist on Spotify.

In the spirit of creating more opportunities for our community and showcase their music, we are now making our Fresh New Music playlist collaborative every Wednesday and Thursday and accepting submissions. Then every Friday we will close the submissions, make the playlist public and promote it in our socials.

Follow the instructions below and add your tracks to our Fresh New Music playlist!


Rules for submissions //

  • Make sure to add only one track. We will delete multiple tracks per user.
  • Add your latest release for that week, it is Fresh New Music after all.
  • Once Friday comes along and if your track was included, make sure to share the playlist on social so we can get it the most traction.
  • Make sure to bookmark this page so you can add tracks on a weekly basis!

Here’s how to add your track //

  • Make sure to follow our Fresh New Music Playlist here. You will not be able to add tracks unless you follow it.
  • Search for the track you are interested in adding.  Right-click the track and hover your cursor over Add to Playlist
  • Select the Fresh New Music playlist

That’s it! If your release is featured, make sure to share the news so we get the most traction on the playlist.